"A truly unique act, Bell Stray weaves her multi-instrumental talents — everything from synth to drums to harpsichord — into a melodically dissonant sonic tapestry. The highlight, though, are her vocals, which ride an unsettling line between innocent and sinister." ~LA Weekly

                                            "There's just something about this girl that gets under your skin." 
~OC Weekly 

                                                     "I love this. A lot. You will too. I almost don’t want to describe this. It’s precious, small and beautiful but it speaks to something bigger and more personal inside you. Bell Stray sings in a way that almost sounds like a child but like a child that has been a child for eons. It’s tragic and homemade and sounds like the kind of music that may have never made it outside a bedroom but luckily for us it is here. I am pretty obsessed. I would recommend listening to this right away. It’s on bandcamp and you can              decide if you agree."             ~Dead Formats

    "Bjork, you’ve met your match."      ~Tour Worthy  
"If you like watching David Lynch films at 2am, you’ll love listening to Bell Stray.... Scribble the Pink serves as an excellent introduction to her beautifully odd sonic world."
~Joel Gausten

"Unique, haunting!"
~Long Beach Independent 

"You definitely want to go into this show with the right frame of mind. The Long Beach singer/songwriter  who operates under the moniker Bell Stray is a little unconventional. Known for singing in an unnerving little-girl voice, (think Joanna Newsom with more edge), she's usually the only person standing on stage. And whether you like it or not, her conviction is refreshing, and her sound compelling."
~OC Weekly

"Unique Vocal Approach, Otherworldly Ambience" 
~AMFM Magazine

"Singer/songwriter Bell Stray recently released her new “digital only” single “Roses Shade.” The piano driven ballad allows Bell’s voice to become the main focus of the song. Her voice has a very different quality that is not heard on mainstream radio. The dark, repetitive lyrics make their point amongst a piano/chorus backdrop."
~JP's Music Blog
"New single from Long Beach's most unique voice, Bell Stray. Check out "Roses Shade" for something different and something new."
~Long Beach Independent
"Stray’s voice is unlike any other...." ~Impose Magazine