Bell Stray began writing songs on guitar at seventeen, and by nineteen was singing in a punk band.  Around this time, Bell says, she also developed a passion for the piano, “I moved to my mom’s house, and there was an untouched piano just sitting there.... One day, I sat at it and began messing around with a few chords, and before I knew it, I was sitting at that piano from the moment I woke up until I slept, learning Chopin waltzes and Mozart minuets; I was obsessed!” Bell Stray then began experimenting with a keyboard and 4 track -- exploring different kinds of rhythms and instrumentation, inspired by a wide range of musical genres, such as: punk, dub, blues,folk, and classical, and the sub genres in between. Her lyrics touch on various subjects, including: escapism, loss, and the disillusionment with the roles society has to offer. They largely draw from her personal experiences, including leaving home at the age of fourteen and living a nomadic lifestyle, and the challenges she faces adapting to more conventional ways of living. She has been performing in the L.A. area since 2010, and has performed at the annual Long Beach Zombie Walk. She has shared the stage with numerous bands, including: Bella Novella, The Potential Lunatics, The Wild Pack of Canneries, Sci Fi, and so Many Wizards. She also contributed songs to the 2010 album Carnival del Corazon -- a compilation of songs by Long Beach artists, for which all proceeds of the album went to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. Her discography includes three EPs. Her latest EP titled, Scribble the Pink, was released digitally, and on cassette through Wiener Records (a subsidiary of Burger Records), in 2016.